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Emergency Valve Sealing

The technology used by valve serve allows the technical team to perform the valve sealing while the valve is in-line and under pressure. Our experts inject the cleaners and sealant into the valve which forms a temporary sealant that is flushed out after the work is complete which allows the operator to cycle the valve again if needed, making Valve Serve a world leader and trusted name in emergency valve sealing.

Our emergency sealants are environmentally friendly which allow the valves to continue to operate at same pressure and wear and tear for long periods of time after sealing. Our emergency sealants are specially designed which create reliable seal that never goes hard and can be used for almost all types of lubricated valves.

our expertise and procedures over the years have proven to save both money and time for our clients with almost 99% of successful sealing of all valve leaks.

    • Leakage across the seats
    • Stem / Trunnion leakage
    • Valve body leakage
    • Valve fitting leakage
    • Bonnet leakage