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Routine Valve Maintenance

Valves are one of the common components in any production plant or pipeline and require routine checkups and maintenance to make sure they keep on operating in extreme weather conditions and pressure. A small investment in routine valve maintenance program will ensure trouble-free service which will save you a lot of lost production time and repair cost.

Valve Serve Technicians are specializing in maintaining and sealing lubricated valves and actuators. In the past few years our service department personnel have helped our clients in saving millions of dollars by preventing costly shutdowns and unplanned outages.

Our focus is to simply help keep your valves in-line for as long as possible in order to avoid costly shutdowns. Our specialty is helping you realize the full potential life span for all of your critical service valves.

    • In factory pre-delivery inspection
    • New valve commissioning during construction and commissioning
    • Valve seal verification prior to hand over
    • Annual valve maintenance contracts
    • Actuator installation, maintenance and minor repairs
    • Sealing valve stem leaks, seat leaks, body leaks, flange leaks, fitting leaks
    • Maintaining an emergency seal for the duration of the critical outage
    • Transferring our technology to your operations and field personnel
    • In-line ultrasonic leakage measurement