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Valve & Actuators Repairs

Valves that have been in service for a long time, or in extreme service conditions, must be serviced or refurbished regularly. Often times, it’s possible to make these repairs and upgrades while the valve is in-line and under pressure. Actuator and gearbox repairs can sometimes be made without impacting production at all.

Repairing an expensive valve actuator always offers a cost saving over replacing the entire equipment. We at Valve Serve provide fast turnarounds on repairs to minimize downtime.

We will clean, inspect and test the equipment to determine the problem causing the malfunctioning. Defective component is replaced as well as component parts which are unreliable are identified and notified to the client for further extensive repair if needed.

We at Valve Serve visually inspect and identify the broken and burned component parts and perform dynamic testing to find all the problems that prevent the unit from working properly in order to ensure the repairs are complete and accurate.

Actuators and gearbox repairs can be made without affecting the production and when working with Valve Serve you are getting our years of experience and knowledge of Valve components. From full removal and instillation with bolting, torqueing, weld repair, heat treatment, lapping and grinding of valve seats, you can be certain of our repair quality for valve controls and actuators.

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