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Valve Cleaner AVS C500

VALVE SERVE VALVE CLEANER: P/N AVS – C500 is not a Sealant, it is a combination of solvent and semi synthetic lubricant oils. Formulated to be injected directly in to the seat sealant system to Clean Seal Faces and Sealant Passage. Cycle of the valve to insure complete coverage to allow the valve cleaner to soften old sealant and remove residual build up from seal points. Valve with sever or persistent leakage may require more wait time. The best results are achieved by displacing the valve cleaner with equal quantities of lubricant/sealant after cleaning.

  • Recommended for use in Ball, Gate or Plug Valve and Orifice Fitting.
  • For use at refineries, wellheads, pumps or compressor station and in gas distribution system
  • Non-Flammable, Non-Carcinogenic, Non-Ozone Depleting

    Product Specifications: AVS – C500
    Color Black Paste
    Base Oil Semi-Synthetic
    Drop Point + 235℃ or 455℃
    Texture Thin Paste
    Pressure 15000PSI
    ASTM Penetration 270-330
    Compatibility Dispersant
    Solvent Resistance N/A
    Special Additives Molybdenum Disulfide
    Composition Semi-Liquid
    Temperature Range -40℃ to +204℃
    -40℉ to +400℉

    Available Packing: 18 Ltr/Pail

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