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Gas Lubricant AVS HT750

GAS LUBRICANT P/N: AVS – HT750 is a proprietary blend of synthetic ingredients that when combined, exceed the rating of the a result AVS-HT750 Lubricant/Sealant withstands temperature up to +398℃ or +750℉ with minimal thermal decomposition
GAS LUBRICANT (AVS-HT750) provides an insoluble film of synthetic lubricant to protect valve seal faces and reduce torque requirements. AVS – HT750 is non-melting and insoluble in water, steam and related by products. The viscosity of AVS-HT750 allows the ease of application using a brush, grease pump or automatic injection equipment.

In cases of extreme valve leakage where regular sealants do not achieve desired results, AVS-HT750 offers a full range of specialty sealants to achieve a reliable temporary seal.

    Product Specifications: AVS – HT750
    Color Black
    Base Oil Synthetic
    Drop Point +327℃ or +621℉
    Texture Tacky
    NLGI Grade1
    ASTM Penetration 260-340
    Compatibility Excellent
    Solvent Resistance Excellent
    Special Additives Moly
    Particle Size <4 Micron
    Composition Semi-Liquid
    Temperature Range -30℃ to +400℃
    -21℉ to +750℉

    Available Packing: 18 Ltr/Pail

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