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Liquid Flushing AVS – Flush

VALVE SERVE LIQUID FLUSHING: P/N- AVS-FLUSH is a Synthetic industrial cleaning solvent. Excellent for removing heavy deposits of grease, lubes and heavy oils, as well as removing sludge and dirt from metal parts.
VALVE SERVE LIQUID FLUSHING: #AVS-FLUSH will not harm metal, most types of rubber, plastic or concrete. It is excellent for dissolving asphaltene build-up, and has many other uses in the industrial marketplace.

VALVE SERVE LIQUID FLASHING: #AVS-FLUSH does not contain water and is not water-soluble, on the contrary it leaves behind a protective barrier that inhibits spot rust.

  • Uses as a valve body flushing solvent for seized or hard to turn valves
  • Non flammable
  • Non Hazardous
  • Non Polluting

Product Specifications: AVS – FLUSH
Color Grey
Base Oil Mineral
Drop Point Min. 180℃
Shelf Life 5 Years(in original sealed containers)
Temperature Range -29℃ to +232℃
-20℉ to +450℉

Available Packing: 18 Ltr/Pail

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