Dont Leave Your Pipeline Integrity

To Chance

Specialized Tools And Equipment

10,000 psi High Pressure Screw Prime Valve Lubrication Gun (Hand Operating)

Part No.: AVS-11020
Accepts standard lube sealant sticks and Valve Flush. Durable and easily repairable because it has few moving parts. Shipped with hose center, ball bearing swivel, and giant Buttonhead coupler with nylon coupler washer. Options include high pressure hose tee, gauge, gauge guard, carrying strap, Z-swivel, various hose lengths and repair parts.

Cartridge Loader (Hand Operating)

Part No.: AVS-11270
Cartridge Loader makes it easier and more convenient to load cartridges of lube sealant and lubricant.

Manifold Hose
High pressure 10,000 psi stainless whip hose, manifold consisting check valve, Gauge, Release valve, universal Z-swivel fittings.

High pressure lubricating and sealing pump up to 14000 psi single unit pump
For servicing all size valve.

Trolley Flush Pump
Used for injecting liquid valve Flush into valve for cleaning

Bucket Pump
Its used for sealant and Lubricating pumping and designed as a compact light weight, high pressure unit.

Flush Pump
10,000 PSI, liquid flush pump with oil lubricator, 4 ltr capacity. Fast, compact, rugged lubrication unit. Run by a rechargeable battery powered hydraulic pump

Diesel Air Compressor with Electric Start
Electric start, Diesel motor, filter regulator with two quick air connectors for air hose, all assembled on a heavy duty protective steel/metal frame designed to work in open field.

Skid Mounted Lubricant Assemblies

Part No.: AVS-11650
High pressure skid mounted, easy transportable lubrication assembly is ideal for gathering transmission, distribution and valve manufacture plant application. This equipped to operate with multiple size of gallon/drums lubrication unit. This unit is designed to pump cleaner, sealant and lubricant at 10000psi.It’s also designed to pump various types of heavy (high pressure) and light lubricant sealant, packing or cleaner. Equipped with Electric start diesel generator/ air compressor which power this assembly build pressure speedy, manage extra electrical and pneumatic power when necessary, in response increase to pump heavy or distinct material efficiently. By using stainless steel hose reels instead of conventional and corrosion protection. It is easily vehicle mounted to transported from one job site to another job site.

Single Pump Skid Unit

Part No.: AVS-11610 
Custom designed build

Valve Lubricant Adopter Kit

Part No.: AVS-11575
Its required for qualified technician to work on routine and emergency Valve maintenance in Oil and Gas field.