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Types Of Valve Applications

It may sometimes be difficult to identify the right kind of valve for the right application. Often times an operator will select a small diameter ball valve as a throttling valve where a metal-seated plug valve would be much more appropriate. How do you decide what kind of mainline block valve will work best for crude versus dry natural gas or what the best wellhead gate valve for a SAGD operation is?

Choosing the proper equipment for your project is key to maintaining optimum and safe production. This will, in turn, save you from unplanned outages due to valve repair or replacement. Don’t leave an important decision like this to chance. Contact our services division for information on valve selection and commissioning for any pipeline or facility construction project.

    • Pipeline Mainline Block Valves
    • Launcher / Receiver Trap Isolation Valves
    • Suction / Discharge Valves
    • Wellhead Valves
    • Platform & Plant Isolation / ESD Valves
    • Vent Valves
    • Flare Line Valves
    • Gas Distribution System Valves
    • Crossover and Throttling Valves